At House of Woodwinds, we service what we sell and rent. Having performed service and repair work for many years, our expertise is sought after throughout Northern California and beyond. We have several levels of service available.

First, our in-house staff provides basic service on such things as replacing violin or guitar strings, pulling stuck mouthpieces out of trumpets, and the like.

Second, we offer in-house adjustments and minor repairs on flutes, piccolos, clarinets, and alto and tenor saxophones. This work is performed by our woodwind repair expert, Walt DeHope. As Walt is semi-retired, he works Mondays and Thursdays before the store opens. He is available to speak with by special appointment. To schedule an appointment with Walt, please call House of Woodwinds at (925) 831-8341.

For more extensive woodwind repairs, as well as repairs on other brass, woodwind, and string instruments, we offer expert service through our Oakland facility, Best Instrument Repair Company. The name says it all – this is the top full-service instrument repair shop around. We offer free pick-up and delivery of instruments between House of Woodwinds and Oakland on a weekly basis.

So, the next time your instrument is in need of service, visit House of Woodwinds.